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I have worked with Veronique for 6 years, focusing on Pilates, Buff Bones, and Yamuna. She has offered me continual new challenges to my bodywork. I feel like she is a kinetic sculptor and a mechanic, helping to improve the movement in my body.

Her Buff Bones class has taught me safe ways to strengthen while protecting my concerns of osteopenia. The Yamuna work has changed my foot alignment, which has improved my stance and relieved the discomfort in my back. The work engages my brain and my muscles. I love the mental focus that takes me away from all other concerns in my life. Each session is a stimulating body and mind session.

She also explains the muscles and skeletal structure as well (including anatomical names) as understanding the body make-up assists my brain in focusing on the proper location. She teaches with joy and with awe of the human body.

At the start of each session, she asks how each student's body has been, and within moments comes up with movements to address our needs and concerns. And she gradually pushes us to new challenges as she sees we are ready for them. Classes are always full of surprises, keeping it fun and fresh.

- Monica, Client Since 2015

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I have learned so much about my body and gentle, controlled movement since I started taking Pilates classes with Veronique.

- Kathy, Client Since 2019

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Veronique's knowledge of the mechanics of the human body is amazing. She can explain why your left shoulder hurts when you hit a pickleball with your right arm. And she can make it feel better! Seriously, she is a genius!
Veronique is a patient and gifted teacher. She tailors her instruction to individual needs. My strength and balance have improved dramatically after working with her.

After avoiding using my abs for 60+ years, I doubted they existed, but Veronique insisted otherwise and proved they could be strengthened even at my advanced age! She did so with skill, patience, and humor. I am grateful. And surprised!
I thought there was no hope for my abs (or lack of abs!), but Veronique proved me wrong!

- Heidi, Client Since 2020

It’s the mind itself which shapes the body -Joseph Pilates

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