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About Buff Bones

Buff Bones is a medically-endorsed, full-body exercise system for bone and joint health. It integrates Pilates, strength training, balance techniques, and recognized bone-strengthening techniques. Each session is enjoyably good for the mind and the body. Pilates for Buff Bones is also safe for those with osteoporosis.

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Online Buff Bones Classes

  • Private, duet, and group classes will utilize a mat and props that you have at home.

Virtual Buff Bones Class Size & Rates

  • Evaluation session (one-on-one / by appointment): $70

  • Private session (one-on-one / by appointment): $70

  • Duets (2 participants / by appointment): $40 per person

  • All classes are 55 min and are by appointment only.

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Ready To Get Started?

All new students to Encore Pilates are required to attend an evaluation session appointment with our personal trainer regardless of Buff Bones experience.

During the 55-minute private Evaluation Session Veronique will:

  • Review your Client Intake form

  • Identify your goals

  • Do a posture and general movement assessment

  • Introduce the basic Buff Bones principles and explain the benefits of the Buff Bones program

  • Get you acquainted with Pilates equipment

  • Recommend classes based on your needs and schedule: private, duets, or group classes

Questions? We are here to help

For more information about our classes,  or to book a session, please fill out the form below.  

 In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body 

-Joseph Pilates (1883-1967) Creator of Pilates

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